What are credits for?

what are credits

Everyone is encouraged to get 10 free credits by introducing 3 pet lovers to sign up with PetBacker. (Where to add referral email?)

The credits can be used to

  • exchange for pet sitting with a discount
  • exchange for merchandise like collars, T-shirts, pet toys and more via our newsletter
  • pet sitters can reply to jobs even it has exceeded a limit of 5 responses (we set a limit of maximum 5 backers to reply to a job)

Pet care providers who are Sponsors will get 200 credits which can be used to respond to any jobs, even when it does not match the service type you offer and access to browse jobs function. 

No worries ^_^, non sponsor users still have a chance to response to job leads after a grace period given to sponsor users for negotiation.

If you need more information about credits, feel free to contact us.